[NOTE: If this is your first time playing URPS it might take a bit to download and load all of the assets. Don't worry though, once the assets are downloaded to your browsers cache the game will load much faster in the future.]

About UltimateRPS:

UltimateRPS is a work-in-progress Rock, Paper, Scissors collection featuring the most well known variations. As you can see I have already implemented Rock, Paper, Scissors, Lizard, Spock. The player's goal is of course to beat their opponent, strategy is out the window, you never know what is going on your opponent's mind. The more you win the more coins you will be awarded. Also your all time W/L will be tracked, this data will be used to determine certain ranks and achievements in the future once an online mode is implemented.

Keep in mind this game is in what some would call "early-access", there is MUCH more to be added. More variations (or Gamemodes) will be added with most updates. In the future the main menu screen will change as I will implement a second menu to choose from all current gamemodes that are available. Also a lot of the game will receive new textures and graphics sometime around this time. This is also a good way to reach out to players that could give much needed feedback and also report bugs. Once finished the game will be available on PC, Linux, Android (and hopefully Mac & IOS).

  • [S0-001]: Daily reward always resets on gamestart.
  • [S0-002]: Daily reward is not added to player's coin balance.
  • [S12-001]: Experience algorithm bugged. Resulting in random exp slider value & miscalculated player level value.
  • [S12-002]: Round Results GUI closing at inconsistent range.

  • -RPS inspired card game.
  • -Player themes, giving players the option to customize certain graphics such as color, font, etc.
  • -Custom round length.
  • -Online multiplayer.
  • -Tournaments.
  • -Player ranks + rank rewards.
  • -More gamemodes.
  • -Achievements.
  • -Social plugins?

In the near future the source code will be release via my YT channel with video tutorials.



by devteamgo · 1 post
by devteamgo · 1 post
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